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Rubber Cable

  • Rubber cables are wires as well as cables with rubber padding and sheath.
    According for the purpose, there are electricity cables, control and signal cables, marine cables, aviation cables that, mining cables, and installing wires.
    The insulating layer and sheath are constructed with natural rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber, ethylene-propylene rubber, etc. Along with satisfying the insulation performance and physical and kinetic properties, they require ageing resistance and abrasion weight. Some products require petrol resistance and flame retardancy.
    Wires and cables are generally extruded and continuously vulcanized. Products are widely-used in all walks of life.
    The full label of Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EPR) is cross-linked ethylene-propylene rubberized. It has the balance of oxygen resistance, ozone battle and partial discharge stableness. It also has exceptional cold resistance characteristics, perhaps at -50 ℃, the idea still maintains good Versatility.
    In addition, it possesses excellent weathering resistance as well as light stability. In unique, it is halogen-free along with has flame-retardant properties. The ethylene-propylene rubber insulated cable television with chlorosulfonated polyethylene sheath is suitable for places that call for flame-retardant. Ethylene-propylene rubber insulated cables never have been widely used within my country, but they've been widely used elsewhere, especially in Europe. It has excellent electrical and mechanical properties, and has very good high temperature resistance perhaps in humid environments. The long-term allowable working temperature with the core can reach 90℃, as well as allowable temperature of short-circuit thermal stability is 250℃.
    A technique for preparing radiation-resistant, low-smoke, halogen-free, flame-retardant ethylene-propylene rubber cable material, by including ethylene-propylene rubber, aluminum hydroxide, silicone flame-retardant synergist, direct compound, anti-aging agent, as well as anti-copper into an inside mixer After heating and also mixing, γ-ray absorber, liquid peroxide vulcanizing factor and phenolic heat stabilizer are air-cooled by a twin-screw extruder.
    Ethylene-propylene rubber carries a large dielectric loss component, so it is only utilised in power cable lines which has a voltage level of not as much as 138kV. Due to the favorable water resistance of ethylene-propylene plastic, ethylene-propylene rubber cables are ideal for submarine cables, and for the reason that ethylene-propylene rubber has good soft characteristics, it is more worthy of laying in mines along with ships. Rubber Cable 2021ld