• RLZ Male Enhancement To avoid this, both partners should carefully read the instructions for using the contraceptive. Contraception with the help of candles, pills, creams, etc., which are inserted into the vagina of a woman just before sexual intercourse, is suitable for women who are sexually active. These funds are made from spermicidal chemicals, which have the property to destroy spermatozoa. The downside of this method of protection from pregnancy is a short-term effect, so they should be applied clearly according to the instructions. It is recommended to combine spermicidal with condoms, which gives the most reliable result. Combined oral contraceptives (COCs) are the most common method of contraception in women with a permanent sexual partner. Birth control pills contain certain doses of hormones that inhibit ovulation. With all the rules of their adherence to this method can be considered the most effective, but undesirable for women who are not confident in their partners, as oral contraceptives will not protect you from genital infections. Insufficient sexuality and passion can cause problems in the intimate sphere in both men and women. Since ancient times, there are various ways to increase sexual attractiveness, which are effectively used to this day. These are various products with aphrodisiacs, perfume with pheromones, special exercises, the purpose of which is to increase self-confidence and love your body. The first thing you need to do to improve your sexuality is to believe that you can do it, that your body, voice, and behavior can attract. Love yourself, despite all the flaws. Remember that the ideal figure is a concept that changes with fashion.