AOL Desktop Gold software Login Problems & Solution

  • AOL Desktop Gold software Login Problems & Solution


    During the login of AOL Desktop Gold, if you see:


    • The words "blurk", the words "GAH" or "ZOIDS"

    • After typing the username and password blank screen, or

    • Your AOL sign-in screen disappears

    • This clearly points to the AOL gold login problem. So, you have to fix it.

    To solve basic problems, clear all the cache, cookies, history and fingerprint stored on your computer / laptop.
    If the AOL's sleep problems continue, then look for advanced troubleshooting (which changes according to AOL login problem).
    For example, to correct the blurk errors, change your PC's browser or firewall settings. Similarly, to get rid of 'GAH' flaw, enable Java Applet.
    However, if the AOL login screen is missing, then reset the web settings of the browser you are using to log in to AOL.
    Finally, to correct AOL black screen error, allow favorable url, adjust web configuration and enable java script.
    Do not worry even if you are not a computer geek, you can still make these solutions with detailed steps in the guide to solve the AOL login problem.