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Classifieds » Arts & Culture » If you are able to get the Tokkul-Zo, use it instead

Classifieds » Arts & Culture » If you are able to get the Tokkul-Zo, use it instead

If you are able to get the Tokkul-Zo, use it instead

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Is it easy to get religious piety? Do I have to complete the quest which gets me the empty prayer book? Should I kill Jad? It is said that RS gold you should take 200 sweets and jads, but each one costs 10K. How do you afford that? With flasks, everything and all, how much will my inv. and the gear cost me. What profit will it bring in the course of the made? Is there anything else which I could camp on?

Can you give me an exact date for how it will take each of the quests. If I typed a query two times, please ignore it as I typed this in the span of about a week. If a question is stupid/can be answered via Google/wiki you can simply add an X before the question. You can answer with like 1 word. I just want answers. I hope it will keep me optimistic that after the 11-month f2p comes a month of p2p. Otherwise, f2p is so boring it makes you want to die.

Depends on whether you're using a reference or not. If you screw up - I always end up forgetting 1 item , and my quests end being a zillion hours. Dragon defenders can be fairly simple to obtain 15 minutes if you're lucky.

15 minutes if already have tokens and you're extremely lucky, maybe. I'd say you're more likely expecting to take around a couple hours, but it could be longer. Priest in Peril, Lost Tribe, ANimal Magnetism, Wolf Whistle are all short and should not take more than an hour each. Ghost's ahoy as well as Fremmenik Trials are a bit longer, but neither are especially long.

Training and Slaying gear should be similar and is dependent on what you're fighting. Castle Wars probably doesn't matter much, best atk bonus regardless of the style you pick. The chances are that you'll simply be cannon fodder the 138s if they decide to play. I'm 115 combat , and the best me is potentially reduce the intensity of the players for a short period of time.

Soul wars, it doesn't matter to you. A range weapon might help keep activity up but if you're on the packed world, it isn't a matter of what you do for as long as it hits the same thing every few minutes. The barracers, the chinners and 138s sporting 99 slay who will dominate the day. Personally, I'd prefer to not bother with soul wars for the sake of it. Barrows Read a manual. Find out the method you prefer and then alter your gear to follow what it recommends.

If you are able to get the Tokkul-Zo, use it instead of an archer's rings: it comes from the elder Kiln quest and is +4 in all combat stats except prayer and strength, which makes it more cheap OSRS gold effective than it's archer's band.