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Classifieds » Other » Why the Sintered Stone Trend Has Really Caught On

Classifieds » Other » Why the Sintered Stone Trend Has Really Caught On

Why the Sintered Stone Trend Has Really Caught On

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    For years, materials like stone or wood have been the surface of choice.

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For years, materials like stone or wood have been the surface of choice. But while their beauty is undeniable, the question has always remained: Could the aesthetic appeal be duplicated in a material that was more convenient and user-friendly? Well, the answer is yes. Neolith, manufactured by TheSize, has created a brand of all-natural, premium sintered stone for the kitchen, bath, floors, walls, and exterior facades.Get more news about Sintered Stone,you can vist our website!

Neolith’s collections mirror the refinement of stone, wood, iron, and even steel, but are infinitely more durable for day-to-day use. “What many people don’t realize is that granite, and other natural stones, need to be sealed quite often and slabs vary in color so it is virtually impossible to achieve a seamless look,” says Karen Press, owner of Panache Design Consultants in Boca Raton, Florida, and a fan of Neolith. Neolith designs are a 100 percent natural, recyclable product composed of raw materials, such as clays, feldspar, silica, and mineral oxides. It has near-zero porosity. Why is that important? Being almost non-porous makes it more hygienic, stain resistant, and easier to clean than stones like granite or marble. The benefits continue as it is wear-, scratch-, and heat-resistant and comes in all-natural colors that won’t fade.

Aesthetically speaking, it is on par with the grace of popular natural surfacing materials, but can be made in a diversity of styles that is unparalleled to its naturally occurring counterparts. This variety makes it the perfect complement for any interior or exterior. Neolith’s products take inspiration from cultures across the globe. The company’s latest introductions—from the Classtone and Fusion collections—take cues from Italian, Spanish, and Iranian traditions.

Part of the Classtone collection, Blanco Carrara is inspired by Carrara marble from Italy and follows the introduction of two of the most popular marble-inspired Neolith Classtone models—Calacatta and Estatuario. To achieve the look, TheSize’s in-house designers collated dozens of natural Carrara marbles found in Italy, and from each one, selected the exact quality and characteristics to be replicated in the Neolith slabs. To realistically portray the likeness of natural marble, two versions were created—one a more subtle depiction of the veining and the other, a prominent, high-contrast version.

The Nero Marquina slab, also part of the Classtone collection, follows the timeless trend of monochromatism and was inspired by marble found in Spain. It is a testament to today's technical capabilities as it achieves bright-white veining on a pure black backdrop.The newly introduced Zaha Stone from the Fusion collection is a contemporary twist on Iranian Grey stone—inspired by renowned architect Zaha Hadid—and incorporates a richer, industrial tone, with white veins etched onto the backdrop in contradicting directions. Also in the collection is Concrete Taupe, a decor that is in line with industrial design trends and tells a story of a time, and Aspen Grey, a full-body slab inspired by natural Aspen stone, with countless micro-elements scattered throughout to offer a sense of movement and ornateness.

Neolith's collections are available in various finishes, which enhance the design of the slabs. One of the most popular finishes, the Polished, uses high-gloss for a luxe look, while Satin, Silk, and Riverwashed round out the selections.