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Classifieds » Other » Auto Rice Burger Former

Classifieds » Other » Auto Rice Burger Former

Auto Rice Burger Former

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    The automatic rice burger forming machine can automatically disperse

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The automatic rice burger forming machine can automatically disperse, flatten and divide the steamed rice into a rice burger form with certain weight and uniformed shapes (round, square, etc.). Various additives can be mixed into the rice product, such as green beans, corn, and carrot. This combined rice burger has a promising market prospect with balanced nutrition, controllable standards, and is suitable for catering or fitness meals. Various cereal cakes in the vegetarian field are also applicable with this machine.Get more news about Rice Burger Forming,you can vist our website!
This forming machine can automatically perform various procedures such as meat filling, forming and outputting the product for various products such as meat, poultry, fish, shrimp, potato, and tuber crops

It can be combined to a fully automatic prepared food line when connecting with the battering, flouring, frying, cooking, instant freezing and packing machine. It adopts the method of a four-screw feeding system that will reduce the period of cutting of the material. It is has features of high production capacity and stable quality.

Special design for rice grain dispersion structure that does not damage the rice grains and ensures the rice grains are evenly distributed. This can assure good taste.
Accurate portioning mechanism ensures consistent weight of product.
Ensures the uniform shape is consistently accurate and keeps the good hand-made taste.
The design of the hopper is convenient to disassemble and easy to clean.
Operator friendly touch panel that makes it convenient to adjust the speed, weight, and softness.
Multi-function status indicator is a simple operation with effective working