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Classifieds » Other » How to Live Stream on YouTube and Gain Engagement

Classifieds » Other » How to Live Stream on YouTube and Gain Engagement

How to Live Stream on YouTube and Gain Engagement

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    These days, we don’t just watch videos

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These days, we don’t just watch videos; we interact with them in real-time. Whether we participate in an online conference, view a streamed sporting event or attend a live performance of our favorite comedian, we share moments of laughter and awe, suspense and applause, no matter how distant we may be from others tuning in. Because of this shared magic, many businesses turn to live video to engage with audiences. Today, anyone can live stream from their social media pages or even on their created website.To get more news about 39bet-xổ số hôm nay-kèo cá cược-lego-cò quay-blackjack, you can visit official website.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to live stream on YouTube, step-by-step. We’ll also share tips and ideas to inspire you as you create your own video content. If you haven’t launched yet, use the YouTube name generator to kick off your channel with the perfect name.
What is YouTube Live?

YouTube Live is a streaming feature that connects the platform’s creators and their audiences in real-time. YouTube explains, “Whether hosting a live charity event, a town hall or a press conference about breaking news, YouTube Live and Premieres allow creators to bring viewers together in real-time to learn, discuss and to form new social communities.” You can create live streams via webcam, mobile and encoder streaming. Creators in YouTube’s Partner Program (YPP) can monetize their live stream through ads, Super Chat, Super Stickers and channel memberships.
Whether you take visitors behind the scenes, show your product in action, or highlight a special event, live streaming can help establish your online presence and spread awareness of your business.

While YouTube is great for hosting your videos, you should also place your content on as many online platforms as possible. In addition to going live on YouTube, reach additional viewers by streaming live videos directly on your website. Not only will it help your audience get to know you, but it also encourages them to linger on your site and explore your brand. Here’s our help center guide on setting up Live Stream with Wix and getting started with our video maker.

Wix user and chef Stephen Cusato is the vlogger behind Not Another Cooking Show. Stephen hosted 100 questions answered in one hour live stream dedicated to, “Answering all your burning questions live.” He invited his 819K+ YouTube subscribers to ask him questions in the chat, fostering a closer relationship between him and his fans. “I can NOT believe out of 100 questions, no one asked why I plate on a cutting board. It was practically the reason for this, lol” he later pinned as a top comment. Cusato successfully showed his friendly personality and built real-time engagement with his online community.

How to live stream on YouTube: 3 ways

You can record your live stream using three tools: mobile, webcam, and encoder. Below, we’ll go over each method, so you can choose the best option for your need

Method #1: Live stream on mobile

Mobile is a popular option for vlogging and short live video updates. Keep in mind, however, that you’ll need at least 1,000 subscribers to go live on mobile. Here’s how to live stream from your phone:
Method #2: Live stream with your webcam

Want to go live on YouTube from your computer? Try live streaming via webcam, a relatively simple process since you don’t need an encoder.
Method #3: Live stream with an encoder

For a more advanced production, opt to live stream using an encoder. You’ll need this tool only if using external audio and video hardware, managing multiple cameras and microphones, or sharing your computer screen.