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Nike Free TR V8 Review

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Before reading any further though, I’ll straight up say it, if you’re looking for a cross-training shoe with maximum stability for heavy lifts, then I’m going to direct you towards something like a Nike Metcon 4, or Nike DSX Flyknit 2. If you’re looking for a shoe that can be worn casually, for running, and possibly a quick workout, read on to learn more.To buy more Cheap nike free run with cheap price, you can visit official website. In this review, I break down the Nike Free TR V8 training shoe and analyze how it’s different from other cross training focused Nike models. I took a close look at this model’s construction, pros, cons, price, and did a performance test to assess how it really holds up under various cross training styles and against other cross training shoes. The toe on the Nike Free TR V8 is similar to the Nike Free x Metcon in that it has the expanded outsole lip that covers the medial side of the midsole. Personally, I like this shoe feature because it suggests the shoe will be a bit more durable compared to the shoe’s with the single lip on the front. The material that covers the toe is a bit thicker and the mesh feels to be double layered with an outside mesh and a thicker inside portion. There are leather and TPU-esque dots that cover the metatarsals and run down the side of the shoe just off the toes. In my opinion, these felt and looked weird to me at first, but they grew on me. I also think they could be useful for toe drag durability. Similar to the toe’s construction and material, the upper shoe has what feels like a double-layered mesh. The outer portion is a bit thinner and breathable, while the inside feels a bit thicker. In addition, there’s also a material with holes under the top layer mesh to promote the shoe’s ability to breathe. When you look towards the mid-foot, tongue, and heel, you’ll see that the material changes a bit. There’s no longer the material with holes, and it’s a little thicker. I think this is to provide additional comfort and stability around the ankle and arch of the foot. This multi-layered material is definitely not as breathable as what’s enclosing the toe.