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Classifieds » For Sale » RuneScape - Crystal bow doesn't seem very good

Classifieds » For Sale » RuneScape - Crystal bow doesn't seem very good

RuneScape - Crystal bow doesn't seem very good

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When I was setting my email address to OSRS GP my account, setting up recovery questions and that JAG guardian thing, which is writing new passwords, I was considering what my account would look like when I signed in. Well, I was expecting nothing, in fact. Similar statistics, but with a bank empty, being drained by what I believed could have been gp-sellers.

Well, I couldn't have been more than a little bit off. I joined an account with an extraordinary amount of amount of wealth. about half of the abilities were 99, and all of them were in the top 80. I haven't even had access to (my?) bank , despite it having a pin, but the wealth of what the person was wearing is 544 millions. This included a ''drygore' weapon, along with other items of equipment. It also had recurring membership (I removed it).

A ranged - Crystal bow doesn't seem very good, but it's not the best weapon for someone with your abilities as well as the cash. It's best to at least build an Royal Crossbow. I'm not certain how to make this happen since I don't have one, but I'm told it's easy (and you can make the Royal Xbow is a tier 80 weapon).

If you're like me , and you're unable to build the crossbow, you could always purchase a Zaryte (60Mish) which is the tier 80 weapon and isn't required ammo like the Crystal bow, and is degraded extremely slowly. The tier 90 weapons include the Ascension crossbows. They're both valued at 255Mish, so to buy both you'll have spending more than 500M.

Nex armours are good too however, they're definitely overkill for Slayer. I have Pernix and I do PvP and bossing with it only. I'm using it to camp ascension currently, however that's due to the fact that I'm trying to get 100 Ranged over the weekend and buy OSRS gold must get as high as possible.