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Classifieds » Entertainment » RuneScape - Not only on Jad and all other creatures

Classifieds » Entertainment » RuneScape - Not only on Jad and all other creatures

RuneScape - Not only on Jad and all other creatures

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What IS/COULD be an issue could be the combat on the 98's. I'd need to OSRS gold gather 750 or so zeal from soul wars. This leads me to my question. I've not been a massive mini-gamer (apart from barrows), I'm guessing IF I were to win every game, it would be 9 zeal/hr. That said, SW is extremely packed in W44 and the winning side is always full. Do you know of any tie worlds or worlds that are less crowded or tips for being on the winning side of W44?

And, really, is worth the effort? Should I keep the scaping, and once I reach 99hp it gets trimmed. I prefer the untrimmed version and it's certainly one of the only ways you can stand out in RS and not just be an ordinary lvl 130+ replica. Do you think this is worth the effort? In all honesty, don't tell me what you think I would like to hear, just your honest opinion.

Do i use melee at all? Not only on Jad and all other creatures. What should my budget be? Also, I'd like to retail, so I'd rather not spend more than 10 million all in this... Do you think the fire cape worth the trouble tho? And no worries bout bandos, got 2 maxed berserkers (torva+chaotics+turm+ovlds) who'll be accompanying me.. Not bad, i barely do anythn, while still makin mills. And i Bought peity, for 11 mil, with frost bones. At 66 pray, gonna hit 70 tommorow.

I have the following gear: Full Dharok, Whip, Dragon Defender, Dragon Dagger p++ Dragon Scimitar, Dragon Claws and Glory. Ring of Wealth, ring of life 100+ rings of recoil, Rune chain set, about 1 millimeter range bolts, knives and arrows, 1mil in runes, 100 rocktails, 1k sharks, and a ton more items.

Brody's guide , which Dei Wei shared. 'nuff said. It is possible to try the configuration provided by Barrow, for example, bringing a Verac's skirt for prayer bonus or defense against range, or any other Barrow's legs to use for range defence. You might also want to bring a shield that compensates for a low defense level. Try to obtain an SGS loan if you're unable to cheap RuneScape gold afford an Enhanced Excalibur. At the very lowest.