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Architecture Applications for Architectural Wire Mesh

  • Dorstener Wire Tech has a full line of woven wire mesh and fabric products suited for design and architectural mesh applications. Woven wire mesh is ideally suited for architectural applications, providing decorative enhancements and functionality. Using architectural wire mesh and architectural wire fabric for your project allows you to enhance your project cost-effectively.To get more news about architectural woven mesh, you can visit official website. Architectural wire mesh is light-weight. Welded wire mesh offers additional strength and stability to the woven cloth, and can be manufactured with cable, straight and shaped wires for additional design elements. Custom weaves can provide strength for safety as well as security and insulation for sound dampening applications. Architectural mesh and fabrics can be easily fabricated and shaped to meet the design requirements of your project. The mesh can be woven using a wide range of alloys and in conjunction with other metallic products to provide a dramatic and eye-catching look. DWT can design and manufacture custom meshes to meet your specific application, including traditional and custom solutions for attaching and securing the metal fabric and wire mesh. Dorstener Drahtwerke features a unique product line for architecture and construction: MeshArt™ – woven and welded wire mesh and metal fabrics for decorative and functional uses. MeshArt™ offers a range of product varieties: from a fine filigree to larger more open, rigid or flexible, clear or opaque – the upmarket finish creates interest and sets special accents – both indoors and outdoors. Dorstener Drahtwerke – that means woven wire mesh for architecture and construction – since more than 100 years. Long-standing experience combined with the most recent engineering make our metal cloth the first choice. Your advantage: obtaining the MeshArt™ high quality products directly from the manufacturer. All products are available in corrosion resistant stainless steel (aisi 304 and aisi 316). This material is not flammable and has exceptional resistance to outdoor elements. A lasting investment with low maintenance cost. We also offer unique variants in brass and bronze. Aluminium and galvanized steel is not in our standard but also possible.