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The best digital thermometers for at-home use

  • When I go back to college this fall, taking my temperature to detect a potential fever will be part of my morning routine. My university’s strategy to contain the coronavirus on campus involves having students complete a Daily Symptom Survey, asking us if we’ve had symptoms like chills and a cough in the past 14 days, or have knowingly come in contact with an infected individual. One portion of the survey asks students to respond “yes” or “no” to the following statement: “I have taken my temperature in the last two hours, and it was 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.” So, naturally, I searched Google for the “best thermometer 2020” and quickly got lost in the many options and competing brands eager for my attention.To get more news about Face infrared thermometer, you can visit jiminate official website.
    Like toilet paper, many thermometers sold out or experienced price surges early on during the pandemic, said Donald Ford, MD, a board-certified family physician for the Cleveland Clinic. Why? For one, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has listed fever as one of many symptoms of COVID since it first released guidance about the virus, Ford suggests. The CDC recommends checking your temperature if you develop other symptoms, too, like a loss of taste and smell. As states across the country begin reopening public spaces like office buildings, gyms and schools, the CDC suggests individuals monitor their symptoms at home. To that end, I’ve personally had my temperature taken at businesses and doctor’s offices before entering via non-contact, infrared thermometers.

    If you’re thinking about buying a thermometer, you’ll likely be inundated with options like I was. To help guide your shopping, we consulted a medical expert to learn which thermometers are best for at-home use, and whether or not contactless thermometers— often used to maintain social distance — are accurate.