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I want to cover the area with stone with a pergola.

  • Jun 19
    Hello, everyone. I recently bought my house and would really like to make the gazebo area prettier. Can you advise a designer or service that does landscaping? I look forward to your comments.
  • Jun 19

    From personal experience, I can tell you that you have to try hard to find a professional landscaper. But I got it after a long search. My goal was to do paving stones. And all my wishes were taken into account and that's why I'm completely satisfied with the work. If you want to do it too, you can do it here forpaving stones Calgary

  • Jun 19
    I'm a fan of landscaping. And that's why I'm going to hire a designer to make a beautiful yard that I'm not ashamed to show my friends. So thank you very much for your service.
  • Jun 26
    I also love taking care of my gazebo area, but I usually just decorate it with some things that I design myself. Anyway, word hurdle I think you should do your research and find a reliable designer for your home.