Study a PhD: yes or no? Discover the doors that can open

  • Choosing a career is much more than simply selecting a profession, a syllabus, and a university. Choosing a career is also thinking about the training you will need to have, and the one you want to achieve.

    When it comes to specializing and continuing to learn, practically all professions have options to choose from. From short and specific courses to options for Masters, Specializations and even Doctorates. However, not all students appeal to have the same training.

    Studying a Ph.D. is synonymous with achieving the highest level of specialization possible, despite this, the number of years of study that must be completed to have this degree and the cost of these programs means that not all students choose this option.

    Worth it? Is it an expense or an investment? What benefits can a doctorate offer?

    More and better opportunities
    Through different studies, it has been proven that, both locally and internationally, a higher level of studies corresponds to greater and better access to job opportunities.

    The companies like want to have the most qualified professionals and the Doctorate is precisely the maximum step that a professional can achieve. Therefore, it is easy to understand that those who have this training can access higher job offers.

    In turn, these offers are accompanied by higher remunerations, since it is understood that the professional has invested in his career to be a true teacher in his area.

    The prestige
    Having a Ph.D. is synonymous with prestige. In addition to being able to train better and therefore access to more employment opportunities, professionals who hold a Ph.D. are associated with positions of responsibility and prestige.

    This prestige is given at a social level, but also at work and academically.

    Those who hold a doctorate degree can not only access better jobs but also events such as conferences and conferences in which they can share their knowledge with better-trained professionals. In addition, in the academic field, they obtain more opportunities for publication for their work.

    A clearer vocation
    In many professions, it is necessary to reach this level of specialization to really be in touch with the chosen vocation, with the goal that the student had when thinking about choosing this career. The reward of having a Ph.D. is, precisely, to achieve the satisfaction of finally performing in the area of greatest interest to the student.

    International career opportunities
    The visibility associated with the conferences and seminars that a Doctorate can give allows it to take relevance not only in the local context but also at an international level. That is, this will be observed by companies of all nationalities and therefore can access job offers abroad.