The irruption of the influencer in the university programs

  • The new technologies give rise to professions that were previously unthinkable.

    Going to college to learn how to be influential is now possible.
    With the digital age, new professional outlets for fans of social networks emerge.
    Students with a taste for online communication, marketing, advertising or simply easy-to-tell stories can choose this profession.
    The influencer career can already be studied in some universities. Read essay about top universities where you can start your influencer career.
    Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat and other social networks from which they constantly emerge: these are the new communication and interaction platforms in the digital age.

    Young people use networks to distract themselves, learn, know the world and even expand their culture. Thanks to the advancement of mobile technology, these are accessible at any time and in any place.

    Its expansion has led to the emergence of a series of digital professions, associated with the world of Internet and the RRSS. The community manager is perhaps the best known professional in this field, along with the online content editor and the social media administrator. However, there is another professional to refer to when talking about social networks: the influencers.

    Man of influence?
    An influential or influential person in networks is, precisely, a person or user of a social network that has credibility to talk about a topic and influence it. In turn, this term is used to refer to those who have a strong presence in social networks and, therefore, can transmit messages that will be received by large audiences.

    The concept does not have a single definition, because it is constantly updated as it happens with everything that surrounds the Internet world. Initially, it was linked to brands that offered products to prominent people in the networks to achieve online advertising, although over time the concept changed people with influence on issues such as human rights, feminism, politics, literature, ecology and health. living, etc.

    Influential in the university.
    In the first instance, professions associated with social networks were linked to the exercise in a self-taught way. With the passage of time, some short courses and trainings of pioneering universities began to emerge that dared to train in terms of networks.

    In the case of the influential, the vast majority do so self-taught. For this, the knowledge of Marketing, SEO, SEM, online advertising and management of social networks are valued; as well as good communication skills.

    Currently, there are a series of academic proposals through which universities seek to train the influential of the future. An example of this is what happens with the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM), which from the next academic year will offer a course to be an influential professional called Influenciadores de inteligencia: Fashion and beauty.

    The course will have a total duration of 500 hours of class, distributed in five months of study. During this period, students will learn about economics, personal branding, online communication, business, psychology, photography and, in this case, aspects related to fashion and style.

    This program has been designed by professionals in the field of networks, and especially by professionals of psychology interested in understanding how online discourse can influence the new generations, and understand the stress associated with the continuous pressure suffered by the influential of. networks