You have to do the whole game up

  • You have to do the whole game up
    What is it, not passing, not the ball, not the fifa 16 coins goal. In fact, it moves. 11 individual match, one of the few times you get the ball 90 percent of the time you should be in the moves.

    Position Sense of style will be different according to different teams, some players would like to see a person's own ball, crazy big rush to accelerate forward, I will not speak transfer does not pass you, even if you pass, you are forcing The attack this team into an alley, the alley Shui Fortunately, once there is none to lose the ball, make the team a more reasonable opportunity to take this opportunity to attack the loss.

    Moves the timing and rationality determines an offensive continuity and diversity. Why high-level team can continue to attack many times, the weight you through, but it in addition to their style of unity, formation stations is reasonable, in fact, it is important that their cheap fifa 16 coins moves, collusion is something that many, but the offside line easily.

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