As a result West Ham can be made to play

  • As a result West Ham can be made to play like vintage Barcelona and Stoke City can counter attack like Real Madrid, slider tweaks like this treat the team as a blank slate and forget about any pre existing stylistic philosophy buy cheap fifa 16 coins team has.

    This in reality is a minor grievance in comparison to the real problem with sliders. Everyone would much prefer having players press better or pass better or be quicker with their movement but not all players are equal so some will be better than others, simple enough.

    So what players often do is simply max out all the sliders, making for a faster, better pressing, better moving team. The trade off being the players should be exhausted far more quickly assuming the stamina fifa 16 xbox one coins system works. The problem is, it doesn't.

    The stamina system is woefully inept resulting in some of the fifa 16 xbox 360 coins gameplay you're experiencing. People will do anything they can to win and more often than not it results in utilizing bugs in the system. Since the stamina system doesn't punish players for pressing high and hard for 70+ minutes, there is little risk and if worst comes to worst they'll simply sub a player.
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