Teams do not feel drastically different to m

  • Teams don’t feel drastically different to me, it’s almost like sculptured models that are all the same and generic, and then all given a huge coat of different fut 16 coins paint and decorated differently, but they’re still the same sculptures behind the decoration.

    Now I am exaggerating, teams and players do feel slightly different but, really not that different and once you start playing the same game every year which FIFA is starting to feel like the same game every year, and then play PES this year which blows fifa out of the water in terms of gameplay and player likeness, you really start to look at fifa in a different light.

    Now this isn’t a FIFA vs PES article, this is a review of cheap fut 16 coins, but I will have to sometimes throw in comparisons, because the differences in PES to FIFA has made the issues in FIFA seem a lot more apparent, and using PES as an example shows a good scale of things.

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