Fifa 16 Players The Ability To Value The Role Of The Detailed

  • Ability value fifa 16 players what is the use? A lot of players do not understand, do not know the tricks, ah, ah like the ability to force the value of the specific role, here we bring fifa 16 players the ability to value the role Hi, hope the players help. Of course, improve their skills can also buy cheap fifa 16 coins.

    Crossing Pass: this is a measure of the ability of your players on the court or the corner area of ??the ball into the box, independent of the value up. As the name suggests, the legendary value calculated separately with the long pass, high pass value can pass the ball more accurate to find the area of ??the team, the arc of the influential biography. gameshop4u.COM ability to pass several top players: A Pirlo 91, L Baines 91, R Rodriguez 92...

    End Ability Finishing: archery shooting precision affects only within the restricted area, and long-range does not matter. Efforts under the same circumstances, shooting higher, more concentrated distribution of fifa 16 xbox one coins ball placement.

    Short Passing Ability: duan Chuan higher the value, the lower the mistakes affect the accuracy of the positive instep pass.

    Volleys: numerical volley ball in the air when the players decide the good or bad shot, bouncing balls and scramble when coming out of high balls belong volley. The higher the value, the players on the ball handling and shooting accuracy is higher. Agility attributes and values ??that influence the reaction properties, higher agility, shooting posture month stretch smooth. The higher the reaction, the reaction time is shorted to the fifa 16 xbox 360 coins goal.

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