Argentina beat Holland in the final in Brazil and Germany

  • In less than two days, the Brazil World Cup will enter the semi-finals. For the two strong dialogue, Argentina football star Maradona forecast, he said, Brazil and Germany are the five five host, he hopes Argentina can beat Holland.Because Neymar is injured, Tiago - Silva is suspended, the loss of a two core to buy fifa 16 coins the Brazil team before the game was generally low. While the German team although being flu, but the whole team was too much for the Brazil team.

    But even so, he still thinks, both sides have the chance, it will not appear one-sided, "Brazil and Germany are the two teams are very close, I don't think their game was popular party, both five five, have the opportunity."Another game in Argentina against Holland, Argentina main force Di Maria is injured lets the Pampas Eagle attack force to break, but Aguero will be back in the game. The Holland team the main lumbar De Jong also has been training, hopefully in the semi finals debut.

    For this game, the king said: "I for the injured Di Maria very sad, I hope that Argentina can beat Holland, entered the final."
    In the world cup, the Argentina team in the 1/8 and 1/4 finals are the opponent 1-0, very similar to the previous Spanish, do not know they have no Spanish good luck, eventually won the world fifa 16 coins cup.

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