the case of Clash of Kings Wood and Food

  • Another topic that was discussed substantially was “Law 3 – The Variety of Players”. Several recommendations are currently on the desk, such as enabling a 4th alternative in a longer period or short-term alternatives in the case of Clash of Kings Wood and Food accidents that require short-term treatment.

    In inclusion, the sections evaluated the recommendations by The IFAB as part of the modification of the Rules of the Activity to create them more reliable, clear and understandable and user-friendly.

    Besides the new structure of the Rules of the Activity whereby the “Laws” area and the “Interpretation of the Rules of the Activity and Recommendations for Referees” area will be mixed later on, the modification procedure also contains simplifying and enhancing certain text messages that could be misunderstood. The new structure is predicted to be involved in the 2016/2017 edition of the Rules of the Activity, topic to acceptance by The IFAB’s AGM in Goal.