Jimmy satisfied! Macy's version of 'Where is the father,' Meng

  • Tencent sports news recently, a file from the domestic TV channels to create a parent-child survival experience travel reality show 'Where is the father' extremely strong. In this show, the Taiwanese star Jimmy Lin and his son 'Little Chi' performance is very pull the eye. In today's international football, the same does not lack examples of affectionate father and son, Lionel Messi  version of 'Where is the father', it in no way inferior, uufifa and little Jimmy Lin Chi performance. November 2, 2012, Macy's son Tiago - Macy birth, since the day began, Argentina superstar will officially promoted to a father, added his shoulders a responsibility and pressure. Messi has repeatedly brought to Tiago Camp Nou stadium, the little guy in the childhood of so many children get tens of thousands of people cheering and applause, no exaggeration to say, small Tiago has long been accustomed to seeing big scenes. (Robbie) text has been completed, you can press alt + 4 comments