Bayern giant later denied Messi: spend 250 million to buy him?

  • foreign media screenshots Tencent Ticker November 26, Bayern  Munich club president Karl-Heinz Rummenigge said in an interview, denied that the ultimate team will introduce Barcelona  star Lionel Messi ( micro-Bobo-off data). Rummenigge also verbally ridiculed: spend 250 million euros to buy Macy's is doing a parody of children. Recently, the Spanish media crazy pass with Bayern ultimate team, led by three giants, there may be spending huge sums to introduce Lionel Messi from Barcelona. Since Barcelona  are not offered to sell Messi, so you want to introduce his ultimate team, it is necessary to buy out the contract by activating the Argentine way of liquidated damages clause, this particular figure will reach 2.5 euro million is huge! In this regard, Bayern chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge verbally rumor, he said: 'The introduction of Messi Bayern, no, fifa 16 coins this is the introduction of cost rumor Macy's, is clearly better than we introduce Martinez (microblogging from Athletic Bilbao. ) ( 40 million) is much higher, it is impossible at this stage we afford. '' What's more, you need to know is impossible to take the initiative to sell Macy Russell, this is for everyone to say is common sense, Messi for Barcelona is a god. And we are seeing, Barcelona really is the most suitable for Macy's, Macy himself willing to stay in Barcelona effect. Therefore, in my opinion, to spend 250 million euros to break the price of liquidated damages is a parody of the introduction of Macy children. 'Although Rummenigge position to make such remarks, but the relationship between Messi and Barcelona has become an unprecedented subtle, it has become an indisputable fact . Barcelona this season, invested heavily to introduce the genius from Brazil striker Neymar League , whose average total annual salary plus signing bonus each year reached 17 million, more than the Macy's annual salary. In addition, Neymar with a very short time after the integration of Barcelona, at the tactical position has posed a threat to Messi, plus Barcelona coach Martino began to pursue the simple and direct style of play, few arrangements Messi Pseudo playing center, but more to the right activities arranged for him, Messi goals this season, according to has plummeted over the last season. Messi in an interview this week, there was open talk about the ultimate team approached him with such a move in his career, is the first time the first time. (Mauro) text has ended, you can press alt + 4 comments