How surety bond work in Construction Bond Companies

  • The info-graphic titled as “What You Need To Know About Construction Bond Companies” describes how surety bonds work in construction companies.


    Now the question is what is their best AM rating system?


    • For surety and insurance company-If we talk about rating system for surety & insurance companies measures each company's ability to pay valid claims.

    • Look for agency-You must look for the best known rating agency in the nation.

    • Rating criteria- Rating ranges from A++ to all the way down to F that means in terms of liquidation of a company and S related to rating suspended.


    What about bonding companies treasury listing?


    • Being Treasury listed (T-listed) means that a surety bond company is permitted to write bonds for federal government contracts and other related projects.

    • If construction bond companies wanted to make this list happen then they must go through a review process under U.S. department of treasury for their financial statements.


    For more information related to construction bond companies and their requirements check the details mention on below info- graphic.