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  • enhanced version of MSN still on the road Macy laments: 'I am very fortunate to have the opportunity over the years and a lot of good strikers and Ronaldinho I had played together closely, but also, and Samuel Eto'o, Henry, Pedro. Villa and Sanchez  played together. But I must say that, in order to include Bineimaer and Suarez better partner, is very difficult. They can all be in the FIFA 16 game, relying on single-handedly dominate the FIFA 16 game's top FIFA 16 players this year, just three of us playing together in the first year, we also played more understanding, we can make progress together. Before I had said to the ball Neymar ability and physical condition, he can become the best in the world. Suarez, he touches, vision, running ability and instinct for the FIFA 16 game, incredible. Every one of us can devote some different things and improve each other. 'Messi also revealed his idol,' Ronaldo was my idol growing stage, his performance in Barcelona and Brazil's unbelievable, I've never seen such a talented striker, who scored almost no solution, his best shot I've ever seen in court, he is also a great person. Also, I love to see Zidane's FIFA 16 game, he is a hero in France. '4th Golden Globe winner has gains numerous collective trophies and personal honor, setting countless records, but Messi think they never lack motivation, 'I never care about personal records, that's not the reason I play. I certainly want to score, each striker wants to score, but I pay more attention to collective honor, my goal is always to win the trophy for the ultimate team, this is my motivation. There's nothing more than their ultimate team together to win the trophy with a even better. 'For training, Messi never feel boring, 'I like to play, regardless of training or competition as long as the play is good, this life is the best life I can think of. about winning, when you succeed, you think is next a success, then repeated again and again. 'Future midfield anyway a major feature of this season is to change the play Messi's right wing instead of center, but his actual position in the FIFA 16 game even more inclined to midfield, but and still can not stop Messi Barca's top scorer. In recent years intensive competition ultimate team coins schedule, so Macy physical condition problems and was injured, Massey also admitted that as he grew older, he might change the midfield, 'I play midfield is entirely possible , many FIFA 16 players will give up his career in the late continue to play often reflect explosiveness and speed-dependent position. I now have a lot of activities in the midfield, and a large area covered by my activities. can become the striker I am very pleased, if later midfield Anyway, I just hope to continue to play the FIFA 16 game. 'Last year was a disappointing year Messi, Barca nothing, and Argentina in the FIFA World Cup finals losing ultimate team returned. But now very mature Messi did not fail to defeat, he failed as an incentive actually use their own power, 'lost the FIFA World Cup final for me is a big blow, I hope for the people of Argentina win the FIFA World Cup, I am very disappointed. But as a professional FIFA 16 player, you have to be quick to get rid of that kind of mood, like playing in the field, when you miss a chance, you know you can not go to make up, so you need to grasp the last goal of the next opportunity lost the FIFA World Cup final I played better now, anger and disappointment will motivate me to move forward. 'Chiellini  said that in the Italian league, Messi scored the King's Cup final against impossible Bilbao when even had four goals, but ultimate teammate Busquets Messi said: 'I think Messi scored that goal in any league in Bilbao is a great ultimate team. played very compact, but Messi is the best FIFA 16 player in the world, he is the most able to break the balance of the FIFA 16 player, his talent guarantees goal as he scored. 'Mascherano  is said :. '. I understand Chiellini because he was in a more particular about tactics, attacking the space more narrow league play, but sometimes, when Messi got the ball, and that everything depends on his final say,' the body has end, you can press alt + 4 comments