Millions Of Yahoo Accounts Hacked, Am I The Next?

  • “In the wake of initial reports a year back stating that nearly 3 billion accounts were hacked, I got petrified.”

    If the profile gets accessed by strangers, it is going to open up a large can of worms. It is not a strenuous job to protect your Yahoo account these days. Learn how you can secure your identity from the jockeys through the steps that are recommended below.

    What is the first task you need to do?

    The hacking has a direct connection with the password so first, change the code on every account. Start with the most vulnerable accounts i.e. Internet banking, email etc. Ensure that they are different.

    Yahoo Customer Care Helpline Number

    Yahoo Technical Support helps with the protection of email accounts

    1. Never reuse passwords: Web is a platform where password management tools and solutions are encrypted and rendered. If you are peeping for memorable phrases, include sentences made of words, numbers and even punctuations. In case you made a fault of using the code elsewhere, review the security settings and modify it accordingly.
    2. Two-factor authentication: Turn on the 2FA for any account which supports it. This will prompt the one-time use code sent via the message, phone call or an email. It must be an extra mark of protection that prevents the entrée of the hackers.
    3. Don’t save emails, you don’t need them: As space is no longer an issue with most of the services, users never delete them. While it is extremely convenient, it is not a very good idea as it allows the hacker to discover what other accounts are tied up to. Consider cleaning the mailbox of welcome, reset notifications and a lot more. Make it a difficult task for hackers to actually hunt down your ID.

    Beyond this, avoid clicking on the links, or downloading the attachment from the suspicious emails. For further assistance, quickly reach Yahoo Customer Care Helpline Number @ +61-283173553 and get welcomed by our highly-qualified technicians who work to eliminate Yahoo related problems of people. We won’t make you disheartened!


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