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  • Passionate about empowering today's parents to include their children in the kitchen and educate them about eating healthy, Guy helped draft California state legislation proclaiming the second Saturday in May annually as Cook With Your Kids Day. While it was passed unanimously by the California State Legislature in 2008, in April 2011 Guy received a new resolution that recognizes Cook With Your Kids Day every Sunday. Navy team to cook at the White House, Guy spoke to politicians about making this a nationally recognized holiday. In August 2010 he Golden Goose Sneakers officially launched CWK (Cooking With Kids), a program that encourages developing healthy eating habits to address the childhood obesity crisis and strengthen the family unit by sharing quality time in the kitchen.

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    They were stationed in folding chairs, covered in blankets and showing off their nicest kicks, as they queued outside the High St store for a chance, not a guarantee, to buy a Golden Goose Outlet pair of exclusive sneakers. The Air Yeezy II a collaboration between Nike and controversial rapper Kanye West had fans lining up at 5.30am on a recent Saturday for the first worldwide instore release of the shoes.

    And perhaps the most popular area of the intranet is the virtual catalog, which pulls information dynamically from disparate Golden Goose Shoes backend systems into a single page. Someone who wants to see all of the men's running shoes, for example, will see a page showing photos of each style in all planned colors, plus information on each style's materials, target audience and retail price.