Which brings me to at least one of the best things about Halo

  • Which brings me to at least one of the best things about Halo 5: the weapon balance. For the initial time inside a Halo game, every weapon feels powerful and viable. I'll be honest: For my first 30 or 40 matches, the Halo 2 player within me steered clear from the Promethean weapons — they carried a lttle bit too much Halo 4 baggage with these. But the 1st time I actually tried having a Boltshot, I realized it had been a useful, dangerous gun using a lot of applications. The same thing happened when I tested the Lightrifle.
    It's not simply the Promethean weaponry, either. Halo 5 has the best iteration Maplesea mesos in the human Battle Rifle in Halo history, plus the SMG — back with the first time since Halo 3 — has become a terrifying close-range weapon that devours shields and health in seconds. Every weapon has received an overhaul to really make it worth getting your hands on in countless situations, that is one area by which Halo 5 blows its predecessors away.
    Was something lost inside the CoD–ification of Halo 5's control scheme? Part of me still wonders that, but another, louder section of me thinks it had been time. It feels as though 343 has, as Arthur wrote in your review, dragged Halo's core mechanics "kicking and screaming into your modern era."
    It took some squinting, but I think I can finally see 343's vision for which a multiplayer Halo game needs to be in 2015. And while it may not bear the perfect resemblance on the Halo Maplestory M mesos SEA I spent several years with, you might be the most effective Halo multiplayer experience yet. 343 has learned looking at the mistakes, doubled documented on its best instincts, and hang out a multiplayer Halo experience worthy on the name.