Messi back! Barcelona welcome back the strongest nuclear

    NEW YORK, January 3 morning news, ended up in Argentina, recuperate and rest after Messi flew back to Barcelona . Fleas also attend tiring journey, go directly to the training field and his ultimate teammates were joint training. Western media said, cheap fifa coins Messi will not play league with Elche, next week will look feel fleas on the King's Cup with the Getafe to ensure that at the time of the first world war with Atletico, can recover 100% status. January 2, Barcelona  the second time this year training. Morning training, Neymar , Sanchez , Javier Mascherano , Song and other key FIFA 16 players have participated, Alves  is absent due to a fever. Afternoon training ground there was a surprise face, just fly back to Barcelona's Lionel Messi after leaving the airport directly came to the training ground, the arrival of Neymar fleas looked very happy, in training has been smiling. 'World Sports Daily,' said Messi back in training with all of the questions, also the ending. Messi looks very healthy, strong and vibrant. Because it is a normal amount of exercise, so Messi can ensure 100 percent safety. For Macy's return, a small law also looking forward to, after he said: 'When Messi back, as he will be like a bull.' Messi Barca medical ultimate team will help complete the final work before the comeback, they will pay close attention Flea's physical condition. 'Aspen' said Barca will not rush Messi back, so Argentines certainly will not play New Year's weekend at home with Elche opener. Macy's first appearance in 2014 should be in the next week, Barcelona will be at home against Getafe in the King's Cup, the fleas will look for the FIFA 16 game play feel. 'Marca' said the Barcelona medical ultimate team at this stage the focus is to ensure that 100% of Macy's physical condition to play next weekend with Atletico Madrid in La Liga  top World War II. To aim at defending league Barcelona, this may be the season's most important FIFA 16 game, Atletico Madrid front of God Diego - Costa now-form Barcelona Messi ready to release this great eating provoke opponents. (Kerlon) text has been completed, you can press alt + 4 comments