A truly fast paced game for the kids

  • A truly fast paced game for the kids and the grownups!7.Golden Buy Swtor Credits Eye 007A game for James Bond fans.This game has several missions that were extended to make you participate in sequences which Bond did not act and even those in which Bond played a very minor role.The levels of the game are realistic in feel and in many places, there are irrelevant rooms and there are many routes.

    Files are there to check your progress; difficulty levels require you to complete complex objectives.After completing a mission, you can either continue or choose to play the previous level once again.8.Final Fantasy VIIA virtual world game, this game comprises three modes: `an over world map`, `a battle screen` and `field maps`.

    The over world map features a lower version of the fictional world which you can navigate to go to various locations.The world map can be travelled by foot, on `chocobos`, `submarine` or `airship`.On field maps, several characters are sent across which either represent towns or forests.The battle screen is an area, like grassland or a building's interior, where you can give you commands against your enemies.