They can't be stuffed into pillows.Mostly

  • They can't be stuffed into pillows.Mostly they're utilized as low-grade Swtor Credits animal feed.Scientists in Nevada have formulated a new and environmentally dell inspiron 15 battery friendly process for developing biodiesel fuel from 'chicken feather meal'.Professor Manoranjan 'Mano' Misra and the team members in the University of Nevada learned that chicken feather meal includes processed chicken feathers, blood, and innards.

    Prof.Misra continues to be honored because the 2010 Regents' Researcher through the Nevada System of Higher Education Board of Regents.Chicken feather meal is processed at high temperatures with steam.This feather meal can be used as animal feed as well as fertilizer.Chicken feather meal has high number of protein and nitrogen.

    The researchers have taken notice of the 12% fat content from the chicken feather meal.They have arrived in the conclusion that feather meal has potential as a substitute, non-food feedstock for that production of biofuel.They have extracted fat from chicken feather meal using boiling water and processing it into biodiesel.