One from the changes mentioned

  • One from the changes mentioned within the patches notes was, 'The appearance from the Cheap Runescape Gold Phantom and Perceptor's armor now matches the look seen within the Cartel Market.' The way this really is worded sounds all well and good, as armor should match its display icon, and also the majority of players recognized that this could be happening even when they had purchased this bit of armor - although it probably should happen to be done sooner instead of waiting almost a month to complete it.

    The real problem is the Phantom armor doesn't actually seem like its Cartel Market logo anymore, which changes were designed to other bits of armor without even mentioning them within the patch notes.People logged in following the patch to locate armor they'd paid real money to obtain were totally different bits of armor! The Spymaster armor was changed, the Revan robe was changed and also the Trailblazer headpiece was changed - none which look similar to their ingame logos any more.

    So what changes were made?The Phantom armor chest piece was originally a sleek black top that appeared as if a jacket.The logo for that item even appears like this as you are able to see within this picture.The top ingame now appears like a robe top (many from the Imperial side robe tops seem like this too as Revan's chest piece) with puffy shoulders connected towards the hood.