Mr Asbjorn Gosta of Balimo Investments AG informed

  • Mr Asbjorn Gosta of Balimo Investments AG informed us the loan could be funded by 7/10/2015 however in no event later than 5-7 working days. From 7/8/2015 to 7/20/2015, both sides (Lender & Escrow Agent) went silent and didn't communicate with we. RSA Funding, LLC (borrower) then made demand on Balimo Investments AG (Lender) to honor its original "good faith" agreement and fund the borrowed funds.

     On 8/3/2015, RSA Funding, LLC (Borrower) sent email to any or all parties demanding the immediate funding from the loan or even the return of their escrow deposit from PROMISSerivce Sarl.RSA Funding, LLC received no reaction to our demands. On 8/7/2015, RSA Funding LLC (Borrower) began conversation with PROMISService Sarl for that return of their escrow deposit.

    At this point, PROMISSerivce Sarl acknowledged receiving funds from RSA Funding, LLC but claimed that it had been not an "Escrow Agent".RSA Funding vigorously questioned the CEO of PROMISService Sarl, Dr.Caterina Berbenni-Rehm regarding its funds held by PROMISService Sarl.Finally, on 8/11/2015, RSA Funding, LLC received a disturbing email from Dr.
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