Every time you level up

  • Every time you level up or possess a successful fishing trip, you'll come into contact having a few Diamonds for the troubles.Go ahead and sync your Facebook account with the sport so you can nab some free Diamonds, too.Diamonds have to be bought with real life dough, however, you save your money by mining on their behalf at level 24.

    You could get additional coins by selling some goodies.When you spot some construction equipment like dynamite, purchase them in large quantities.Since you will be selling them soon, focus on this next step-sell each one of the items you purchased in large quantities between 180 and 220 coins a pop.

    Selling off these things should get you additional coins over time.For the final item for sale, advertise it.Once folks vacation to your in-game store, that ad can make all of the things you're selling public. Anyway, hope these Hay Day guides might be useful whenever you play farmville.Our website will constantly update the sport cheats that will help you play games.Buy Swtor Credits at http://www.swtorfast.com/