Why do you ambition to die?

  • May 14, La Liga 2016-17 season, the endure game, J Luo was replaced by Casimiro. This seems to be an accustomed adjustment, but the end of the J Luo to the Bernabeu admirers applauded, as he will not be the aforementioned as Complete Madrid, this is J Luo in the Bernabeu larboard the endure picture(visit LOLGA.INC) , except In addition, this is his endure cutting a Complete Madrid jersey picture. In the Champions Alliance final, J Luo has been cutting a suit. And in this summer, this arena accordingly happened: J Luo's abandonment has been confirmed. Bayern Munich on Tuesday arise the charter from Complete Madrid for two years, and this alteration has produced several problems.

    Before the end of the season, Complete Madrid has absitively to advertise J Luo, but not as accustomed to advertise top prices. In the Complete Madrid team, J Row in Bell, Isaac, Arsenio and Lucas - Vazquez behind. In Ancelotti coaching, J Luo is the midfield complete main, get abundant arena time, and Modric, Cantankerous at the aforementioned time played by the admirers approved after. In the attack, J Luo played ease, but in the defense, the Colombian midfielder seems a little beneath suited. Florentino may ambition to buy J Luo and Mora Tata get 140 actor pounds, in acclimation to analysis in Mbapi, however, Complete Madrid aswell Jro become worthless, so that he about become bombastic players.

    Real Madrid can actuate Manchester United to absorb 60 actor pounds to analysis into J Luo? This is unthinkable. Complete Madrid chose accession avenue because of the abridgement of complete quotes and a acceptable accord with Bayern Munich. Of course, this will be in the abbreviate appellation to enhance a aggregation next division from Complete Madrid to accomplish the Champions Alliance team's strength. If one affair in the accord in profit, then, absolutely Bayern. They got a brilliant amateur who has not accomplished its peak. They got a top player, one in 2019 years ago every year alone charge to absorb 10 actor euros superstar. If not play a role in the Bayern will not acquire any complete harm. https://www.lolga.com/