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A New Update for the StreetPilot Navigation App
A recent new update released by Garmin to StreetPilot Onboard as an iPhone application. It has combined the urban guidance and assistance for The Google Street View.  This feature permits the users to find out the public transportation choices keeping a look at the walker’s path. It is done with the help of Apple Maps integration. If you are facing any problem regarding the Garmin Streetpilot Navigation App, you can take the support of the Garmin Map Updates.
The users have the choice to map their route with the Garmin app and can take the location in Apple Maps. The Garmin app allows saving the layout and a user can use it even when there is no cellular data or signal available in the phone. The Garmin provides Garmin StreetPilot on Demand application. It extracts the data of the navigation from the cloud. It does require a subscription to perform. It was an all delightful news for the voyagers and tech guys when they heard that Garmin Releases Update to StreetPilot Navigation App With Google Street View and Public Transit Support